5 Ways to Naturally Increase Instagram Followers

There are many people who are using instagram to interact with other people or to pass message in form of pictures. There are the business people who want to reach as many customers as possible, the politicians who want to reach many people so as to gain fame, bloggers who wants to have as many traffic to their websites as possible and many other users. The most important element when it comes to the use of instagram is the number of followers you have. It is important to have as many as possible so as to get many people seeing your adverts. Below are the 5 ways to naturally increase instagram followers:


1.Share Good Images

The quality of images posted on instagram matters a lot. No one wants to be a follower of a person who posts images of poor quality. If possible, you can edit or Photoshop the images to make them clearer. Besides, the images you share should be the ones that people like to see. This means that you have to review the images before sharing and choose the ones that are relevant and very clear. This will give you a chance to have more followers.

2.Interact With Your Audience And Appreciate Them When They Like Or Comment Your Images


This is a very serious issue that affects most of the instagram users. There are those who respond to comments of few people and leave the rest. It is important to appreciate the comments and likes of all the followers who take their time to comment your photographs. This way, your followers will be following your posts since they are appreciated and they get feedback.

3.Use Interesting And Unique Hashtags

The use of hashtags is one of the effective ways that can be used to increase the number of followers seeing your posts. Ensure that the hashtags you choose are unique and relevant to the picture you are sharing. This way, many people will access it, like and follow you on instagram.

4.Do Not Be So Boring

It is very important to consider the feelings of other people before posting anything on instagram so as to increase instagram followers. Before sharing any post, you should ensure that no one is offended by that post; no one gets bored and does not affect any follower or stranger in any way. When followers get bored, some will even block you so that they do not see your posts again. Therefore, avoid boring posts.

5.Like And Comment The Posts Of Other Followers

There is no way you will want to get many followers without following others, liking and commenting their posts. For them to like yours and even refer more people to you, you have to do the same to those who need your likes and comments.

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