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You’ve probably used our tool for followers in the past, but now it is time to present you the tool for free instagram likes. Imagine you already have 20 000 followers which you added with our tool, but almost no or just a few likes on the pictures? Isn’t that going to be suspicious? I mean, you want your IG account to look legit not only for people that are following you but as well as for instagram moderators who are hunting fake accounts non –stop.

To be honest, I’ve made that mistake twice and I will never repeat it again. I had account with more than 35k followers but only few likes on the pictures. First time my account was disabled and I did not have a clue why.  Second time, same thing happened. I was wondering what am I doing wrong. Then I realize that who In the world will have so much follower, but just a few likes. It just doesn’t look natural at all, right?

Time has passed after I make the tool for followers, but now I’m proud to present you the tool for instagram likes.  It’s not a rocket science, tool works almost same like our previous one. It’s choosing the people in our database and likes are spread equally into your account on every picture you have.

Still wondering how to get likes on instagram?

Example:  You have in your IG account 100 pictures. You choose 20 000 likes. Our system will equally transfer them to all your pictures, so that means 200 likes on any picture. I know it’s frustrating, sometimes you want to add more likes on one picture and less on another, but trust me, making such a tool is almost impossible (at least for me).

After you choose the required amount just wait for 3 to 5 minutes at maximum and check your account. Please don’t forget not to abuse the system and respect our work, also feel free to comment in the section below our tool. Enjoy your day, it’s time to be a star on instagram.