In today’s Internet era, social networks play a huge role in our lives. It’s almost impossible to imagine our day without logging into our accounts. They are designed in a way that they give us a feeling of connectivity and acceptance; they give us the freedom to express our thoughts and feelings and are a great place for obtaining countless information.

Instagram is one of those social platforms that took over the world by night. With millions of users, it has become number one place for sharing and seeing photographs from any corner of the world. Viewing photos in our photo stream has never been easier and more fun. However, when it comes to saving the photos directly from the app, Instagram does not offer you that option.

As a way of restricting people downloading your work, Instagram does not allow you to save someone’s photo directly from the app. Always keep in mind that you should never use another person’s work for you own profit. However, if you do want to share someone’s work, you should always credit the original photographer. Only Instagram is authorized to legally sell the photos to an advertising agency. However, there are few ways to save the photos you want.


First and most practical option is downloading our very simple to use, user friendly, easy to download application which will you save you time and make your Instagram experience even more enjoyable. By downloading our application you will be just a few clicks away from having any photo or video you want saved on your device. Instead of the other time-consuming options, using this application is as simple as it gets.

These are some of the other ways you can download an Image on Instagram:

-If you look up online you will find unaffiliated Instagram sites that you can use to get images from any user. All you have to do is type “download user instagram photos” and choose the site that suits you best. All you have to is choose the image you want, find the button Save image that’s located on the bottom of the page, click on it and you will have the image downloaded.

-Instagram allows you to access your friends photos by downloading photo saving apps. If you search “save instagram” you will find apps available on both Android and IOS phones. These apps will ask you to login into your Instagram account and request “access” and after you allow them access you can download any photo in your photo stream and including your friend’s photos.

-Another way you can download an Instagram photo is by logging on from your computer. That can be done only if you already have an Instagram account.